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March 2024

Publication of our STUDAID Annual Report 2023 on what has been achieved so far, highlights, challenges, finances and outlook for 2024.

STUDAID Jahresbericht 2023
STUDAID Annual Report 2023

October 2023

A charity event by the STUDAID student community took place today at Prey Dangkum Primary School in Angkor Village, Prey Veng Province, Cambodia. Furniture and blackboards for two classrooms as well as ten small trees were donated. Many thanks to the STUDAID students who made the event possible, as well as for the friendly support of La Pizza Buona in Altstetten, the S. Hahnemann School and the sponsor of a STUDAID student.

It's nice to see how committed our students and alumni are and remain even after their studies :-)

Juni 2023

On June 3rd, the graduation ceremony of Sreykeo, Thida and Holida for their degree in English in ACE took place. Congratulation to the good results!

Mai 2023

On May 15, 2023 our two alumni SamAn and Nisai got married. Congratulations! We wish the couple all the best for their future!

On May 1st, studaid students came to the kitchen for street children, LRDE to help with the cooking and food distribution and then to play with the children.

April 2023

On 8th/9th April, 25 Studaid students and alumni went with Kosal and Chris on an off-site weekend to Kampot, visiting Bokor Mountain and spent a night in al little Inn at the sea. The topic of the off-site was to discussed how Studaid could continue after Norbert, Beat and Chris retire from active work at the end of 2024. The Studaid family quickly agreed that they would take matters into their own hands and continue to support students for both, as mentors and financially, at the best of their ability. This was further discussed during the trip. In a final all hands session the details needed for a local continuation were discussed. At least initially, financial support from Switzerland shall be continued, so the local support can be established and but on a sound base. The alumni plan a get together, to discuss and agree on how they want to organize themselves with tasks and responsibilities.

Once the organization and the implementation-concept are in place, the responsible persons for administrative tasks will be trained and supported by Kosal and the Swiss team. This support shall be ongoing during 2024. This should allow the hand over most of the operational work by the end of 2024.

In order to continue with tax-privileged donations from Switzerland, we are still looking for people who are ready to take on the remaining tasks, such as fundraising, bank transfers and annual financial statements for the audit. Since this only takes a small amount of time, it might well be possible to find people who are ready to join Studaid in Switzerland. Beat, Norbert and Chris have also agreed to continue helping with fundraising. 

The excursion was also an opportunity to take many individual and group photos, including those of our graduates their graduation robes.


The off-site was largely financed by donations of La Pizza Buona in Zurich - many thanks!