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The STUDAID program provides place for a maximum of 20 students at the same time. Vacant places will be filled again. Over the next few years, around 20-50 students will be supported.


By signing an agreement, the students commit themselves to working towards the best possible opportunities for achieving the study objective. In addition, to earn a living and gain practical experience in the professional world, students must be gainfully employed (usually 80-100%). They are also required to report regularly on their progress in their studies. This is monitored by the STUDAID program manager on site. If an agreement is broken unfoundedly, this will lead to the termination of the agreement.


For an up-to-date overview of the students looking for a sponsor and mentor, as well as the students for whom we have already found a sponsor and mentor, see below. We look forward to hearing from you in order to give you more information about the students.

Students with

sponsor and mentor

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