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The support

The STUDAID program also offers support to 20 students on their way to reaching their study goals finish line. Vacant places will be awarded to young talents according to the valid criteria. The sponsored students receive the following benefits

  • Sponsorship: Acquisition of tuition fees and costs for English courses, books and school materials.

  • Mentoring: Regular personal exchange between students and mentors to mentally and emotionally accompany students through their studies.

  • Seminars: Participation in regular STUDAID seminars to strengthen students on various topics: soft and social skills, responsible behavior and preparation for post-graduate work.

The sponsor's payments are sent to the students via the lawyer / trustee appointed by STUDAID in Phnom Penh. Payments to students are made on presentation of bills/payment slips/bank statements.

The students are looked after by our local STUDAID program manager. This person organizes the regular STUDAID seminars. They also moderate the STUDAID community, where students have the possibility to network and are encouraged to support each other. When transitioning into professional life, STUDAID students may also receive support if necessary.

In terms of sustainability, STUDAID puts great value in students "paying-it-forward", meaning them being able to provide similar support to other people in their country. Be it by creating jobs in their later work or by supporting younger students financially or as mentors. As a result, the students can stay connected to the STUDAID community beyond the end of their studies. 

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